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Merry Christmas & Happy New Years <3

Sharkske OWNERDonatorDemiGod posted Dec 23, 16

Christmas & New Years Sale! 

30% Off Everything

From my heart the owner of mcjack, Sharkske, i wish you all a very wonderful and love filled xmiss & may you all have wonderful time with your famliys, and a great start on the new year 2017 <3 wish you da best!

Thanks You Nevrioth for the awesome tree! 

Silvernite0181 DonatorDemiGod Merry Christmas! Hopefully I will be back and playing soon!
dennisburnsjr Donator Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!
Dicegam3Craft Idea for next year tree - use tree of transformation leaves, so it would look like Colorado Spruce with additional &...


Sharkske OWNERDonatorDemiGod posted Oct 29, 16

New server IP:

New Teamspeak:

UPDATE IP IF U WANT TO CONNECT & PLAY! <3 enjoy your time with mcjack <3 u all

Some of you may already know that Blueskye quit as co-owner of MCJack. He took with him the Infinity Skyblock, Project Ozone, and Infinity 1 servers, and also the domain name mcjackjaming. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused if you were a regular player of any of those servers. Please contact Sharkske or Neviroth if you have any questions or concerns and we will do our best to help you. If you have friends that may not know about the IP change please let them know we are still up and running and would love for them to come back and play.

Special thanks to a certain someone for helping the server with the new domain name MCJACKGAMES.

GreenEngineer332 Donator so can you tell me the Space astro Ip adress or has it gone for ever
CrouchingOcelot ModeratorDonator Nice to hear the site is still running. Also see that it has projectOzone 2 which looks *really* appealing (&lt;3 pn...

Dinner at Sharkske's

Sharkske OWNERDonatorDemiGod posted Sep 4, 16

Few of the best players of MCJACK having dinner at Sharkskes in a very amazing house, made by tori with the help of me, Sharkske!

Pofka94 Donator wow, this picture of your friends is so nice &lt;3
Mc_atv Donator I look so cute with everyone else!!

New Modpack and News

Sharkske OWNERDonatorDemiGod posted Jul 23, 16

As alot of you may know we have open a new Server and modpack called Crackpack or CPack in game alot of us have been playing in and enjoying our selfs and even my self i think it fun ive been enjoying my self, you guys are welcome to join us! as for the news i would like to say congratulations to the 1st woman to walk on the moon on CrackPack she goes by the name londontori! 

NEW SERVER RELEASE - Infinity 3 - Opened June 26th

Neviroth OWNERRFDimHead-Admin posted Jun 25, 16

Good News for those of you who like fresh maps!

Infinity Evolved Server 3 is now open.

Please report any issues or bugs to staff by opening a ticket on this website under the "Support" tab

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